About Us

Adveco (AWP) Ltd., trading as A.O. Smith Water Heaters in the UK, is the supplier of A.O. Smith products and services through a partnership lasting over 50 years. It is the sister company of Adveco Ltd.

One of the leading names in water heating in the UK, A.O. Smith is a global manufacturer supplying building services for more than 140 years.

With a range of condensing gas water heaters, electric water heaters, indirect and storage tanks, boilers, cascade and solar thermal systems, A.O. Smith provides hot water and heating appliances for all scales of commercial project.

Through Adveco, we can provide invaluable support in the design, commissioning and service of business-critical hot water, heating, and power. Adveco’s industry-leading Technical & Design teams support contractors with a single, versatile, specialist sales resource that ensures delivery of the most cost-effective system. Specifiers and designers gain informed support and partnership for the design and delivery of industry defining systems optimised to be highly efficient.

Adveco also offers a full range of service and preventative maintenance packages designed to fit the specific needs of the client. Facility Managers gain reliable, business-critical hot water, heating and power systems that exhibit maximum system performance for low running costs, ease of management and longevity to realise low total cost of ownership.